what-equipment-can-be-outfitted-with-a-cutterheadDuring tunneling projects you are constantly faced with decisions about what equipment will enable you to work efficiently and effectively.

Some jobs will be simple and straightforward while others may call for more sophisticated equipment to ensure that the work gets done properly.

With a careful eye on the bottom line, there is a calculated balance between making sure you are outfitted to successfully complete the project and not busting your budget with unnecessary expenditures.

Selecting the right tool for the job can be the difference between a successful project and a project that is late and over-budget.  

The equipment you decide to use will largely be based on the unique conditions of your worksite.

The nature of the project will guide your decision on whether a standard excavator will be sufficient to handle the job or if you feel a custom excavator is necessary to finish the project successfully.

After you select your base equipment you may start to consider if there are attachments that will increase your efficiency and help ensure excellent quality.

Cutterhead attachments have several distinct advantages that they provide in tunneling, scaling, and excavation projects. They provide your team with a superior level of precision and control that will lead to safer, more stable walls.

Cutterheads work in just about any situation and stand up against even the hardest rock surfaces. To learn more about the advantages cutterheads provide check out this blog post.

The improvement in performance and quality make cutterheads an enticing option in several situations, but you’re not sure if a cutterhead is compatible with your equipment.  

Luckily, cutterheads are extremely compatible with several types of equipment making them easy to apply to your tunneling project.

Cutterhead attachments can be placed on standard excavators with ease. These attachments are very straightforward and simple. For slightly more complicated custom excavator equipment, boom-mounted and swivel mounts for cutterheads can be constructed and applied. If given the specifications, it is still a fairly simple process to outfit the equipment with the appropriate cutterhead.

In addition to this equipment, cutterheads are also viable options to attach to skid steer loaders and tunnel excavators.

Typically all machines have adaptors that allow cutterheads to be attached easily and efficiently. The adaptors generally allow the cutterhead to be upright to cut tunnel profile and provide it with the ability to swivel or rotate.

This maneuverability provides for unparalleled amounts of precision and control. The difference between regular tunneling excavators and a cutterhead makes it well worth the investment and will save your company money in the long-run.

The great news is, if you decide that a cutterhead is the right tool for you, it will be compatible with whatever equipment you have.