Alpine TC-D trenching near Pittsburgh, PAThe cutterhead is considered the most efficient and versatile trenching tool, performing the majority of dredging work in the U.S. The rotating cutter apparatus at the intake end enables it to dig just about any type of material, even clay and hardpan.

Cutterheads have consistent dimensions; trench walls are vertical and smooth, and the surrounding rock mass will not be disturbed. Since trench walls are vertical, the volume of material excavated is minimized, regardless of depth.

Reliable, Consistent Results

Using a cutterhead allows for the perfect blend of cutting precision and force. This makes it an ideal tool for excavating materials like soil, rock, concrete and asphalt. No matter what your excavation needs, a quality cutterhead can provide your operation with the ideal, efficient and economical attachment. Cutterheads can also perform at any depth, depending only upon your carrier or excavator machine’s depth and reach.

Precision cutting allows for a flat-bottomed trench and control over the grade and facilitates working safely around any existing utilities. Cutterheads can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any operation. Grinder heads are made with consistent dimensions that optimize cutting size capability and speed. The head’s consistency can create smooth, vertical trench walls, leaving the surrounding rock undisturbed.

Cutterhead Features

  • Powerful low-speed/high torque capability borrowed from underground tunneling and mining and technology.
  • Equipped to perform precision cuts and create ideal vertical walls, foundations and footers with minimal over-breaking.
  • Efficient cutting provided by a cutterhead creates reusable backfill onsite, reducing the need for expensive transportation of materials offsite for further crushing.

Improved Safety and Efficiency

Cutterheads can operate at any depth, depending upon the excavator or carrier machine

reach and depth. However, the trench must be cleared of cut debris. The safe, efficient removal of debris is an important consideration for depth of a trenching project. A mechanism can pump dredged material efficiently over long distances to an upland disposal area.

Each cutterhead will have a unique cutting width generally ranging from 19” to 55”. Cutterhead design requires a gear case leaving a gap in the middle of the drums, or no-cut zone. This causes an actual cutting width a few inches larger than unit width on the specs.

No matter what your trenching needs, you can use a cutterhead to trench with precision each and every time. Contact us for more information about the ideal cutterhead solution for you.