The key to any good investment is starting with a clear objective of what you expect that piece of equipment to do.

Once you have established your target, you can order priorities and begin narrowing your search. When you have defined your priorities, you can be confident in your purchasing decision.  Alpine_trenching_hiprod

When it comes to your excavation equipment, there are several different routes you can take to complete a job.

With an abundance of products and product lines available, there is one question that rises to the top of many managers’ minds.

How productive will this tool or piece of equipment be?

The increase in production has to be significant enough to compensate for the additional expense of purchasing the equipment.

In short, you need to know if the benefits will outweigh the cost of your investment.

What productivity rates can I expect?

Today, we will look at cutterheads in tunnel construction applications and answer the question of what type of productivity rates you can expect from a cutterhead.

Because of the intricately technical nature of tunneling projects, it is difficult to predict production rates with any amount of certainty without knowledge of the exact conditions the equipment will be operating under.

With a detailed description of the worksite environment, it is much easier to provide a detailed prediction about the type of productivity you can reliably expect from a cutterhead.

If you would like to contact us and provide the rock compressive strength of your project we would be happy to talk with you and discuss a production estimate.

Without specific knowledge of your worksite’s conditions, we can also provide some more general information about cutterhead’s productivity.

What sets cutterheads apart?

Cutterheads have a couple built-in benefits that make them valuable investments in tunneling applications.

The first benefit is that they provide lower start-up costs than hydraulic hammers and other competing tunneling equipment.

The ability to keep start-up costs lower improves your productivity right from the beginning of the project.

How precise are cutterheads?

The second major benefit that cutterheads provide in tunneling projects is their greater ability to cut with precision.

The powerful precision of a cutterhead makes it a versatile tool that has successfully handled a variety of tunneling projects ranging from railroad tunnel enlargement to wine cave tunneling.IMG_1440_web

Whether your project calls for small tunnel work or large excavators, there is a cutterhead to help you finish the job.

More precision also leads to higher efficiency in the form of better tunnel formation and improves the safety of the project by creating more stable conditions.

Cutterheads are incredibly efficient tools that will empower your employees to perform at a higher level of productivity and produce better overall results.

You can also be confident that your cutterhead will withstand the demand of tunneling work better than the average hydraulic hammer which will also equate to less down time, which can be costly on tunneling projects.

Production rates can vary considerably depending on a number of details including the compressive rock strength and the type of cutterhead you choose for your project, but with a quick call we can get you set up and ready to tackle your next tunneling project.