We recently visited a land-clearing site that was utilizing an Alpine TC-E with stump grinding picks toboss1web remove dozens of small to medium sized stumps. Although the ground was very rocky and the stumps were shallow, the TC-E grinder made short work of these hardwood stumps. Although the low-speed grinders aren’t your typical stand-alone, high RPM stump machine, the super-high torque eats stumps, no problem.

Check out this video of the TC-E on a Volvo360 Excavator. Notice the low spray of the wood chips due to the low-RPM grinder, the ease of moving about the site with an excavator and the mulch-sized wood chips produced:



If you’re interested in a hydraulic stump grinding attachment from Alpine-send us a message, we’ll be glad to get you a quote or talk details about the technology. Click here to contact Alpine.