Any time a company boasts a new technology they are sure to draw attention. Whether they hold that attention is up to them.

The way the rest of the industry responds after the initial excitement of the announcement subsides reveals whether their innovation was just a gimmick, a short-lasting fad, or an industry-elevating leap into the future.

Kite Bricks is hoping that their newest development falls into the latter category.

In a story that caught the attention of trusted sources like Wired and Equipment World, Kite Bricks announced their intention to re-think vertical construction from the ground up.

The Smart Brick (S-Brick), is an all-new Lego-like brick that is expertly designed to connect with each other while leaving internal space available for insulation, plumbing, and any other pipes and wires that need to be installed.




While they may resemble brittle, plastic Lego blocks, the S-Bricks are incredibly durable. Materially, the brick consists of a high-strength concrete that will keep the buildings structurally sound against even the worst weather elements.

In theory, which is where the project remains currently, awaiting patent approval and an additional $3 million in funding to bring the prototype to market, the S-Brick solves a wide array of problems for construction companies.

The bricks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing a precise amount of material to be ordered for the job. This eliminates excess material from being put in buildings because it was cheaper than buying custom parts.

The brick system also simplifies construction and requires no additional finishing.

With S-Bricks, many aspects of a traditional building site would no longer be required to finish the job. From cranes and scaffolding down to building-sand and mortaring, several steps will be removed from the construction process significantly reducing cost and improving efficiency at the work site.

The company claims that as much as 50% of the building costs can be eliminated by using S-Bricks.

Further benefits can be found in the form of less construction time and a much cleaner, quieter and safer work site.

With less clutter in the work space, there will be less noise intruding on the surrounding areas and allow for work to be completed cheaper and more precisely.

The benefits would ultimately be passed on to the end consumers and environment, as the main catalyst behind coming up with the bricks were to find an energy efficient solution to building houses.

The S-Brick’s thermal properties and the internal space that is left for infrastructure elements will drastically reduce the cost of heating and cooling the unit. The ability to control energy output with greater precision will save money and reduce the amount of energy that is used.

The team at Kite Bricks have a big vision for their new project and hope to see it take-off not only domestically, but also around the globe, where the S-Brick’s ability to be constructed from a wide range of materials might make it appealing to poorer countries with less resources to invest in infrastructure.

In a time where infrastructure-boosting energy-friendly solutions are necessary, companies like Kite Brick are experimenting and innovating to find industry-changing solutions.

When change comes to the construction industry, not even the common brick is safe.