Twin Drum Mixers

Alpine’s Twin Drum-series of mixers can be utilized by carriers of any size. From compact minis to 75+ ton excavators, we’ve got you covered regardless of the scale of your task. Durable, robust gearboxes adapted from the mining industry allow these tools to be used in the most severe applications. We offer a variety of drum configurations to mix materials ranging from liquid sludges to firm compact soil. The torque on these units is unmatched and the various motor options within each model allow us to ideally match the soil mixing attachment to your application.

Any of Alpine’s soil mixers can be equipped with injection piping for either dry or wet additives. If your application requires custom depth reach, we design and build custom extension brackets.


  • Injection Piping
  • Depth Limiter
  • Extension Brackets
  • Blade Configuration
  • Quick Hitch Bucket

Mixers for Carriers under 10 tons

Mixers for Carriers 10-30 tons

Mixers for Carriers 30-50 tons