Axial Mixers

Axial Soil Mixer

Alpine’s axial mixers attachments of the AX-series have a modular design to provide maximum versatility. With a range of hydraulic motor sizes and mixing drum configurations, Alpine’s mixing attachments can be used in a range of conditions including liquids, slurries, sludges and soil. We’ll work with you to select the optimum mixer for your project

• Injection piping for wet or dry additives
• Paddle length
• Paddle Angle
• Auger head for hard ground penetration


Max Power150 hp110
Rotation speed0-140 rpm
Max Torque
(@350 bar)
17,250 ft lb.23385 NM
Hydr. Flow Required75-120 gpm285-455
Excavator Class 20-45 +t18-41 tons
Max Power95 hp70
Rotation speed0-150 rpm
Max Torque
(@350 bar)
8,625 ft lbs11695 NM
Hydr. Flow Required35-75 gpm130-285
Excavator Class15-30 t13-27 ton