RDC Robot

RDC Robot, Compact. Powerful. Versatile. Safe.

The new Alpine RDC Robot is a remote controlled demolition machines have applications in nuclear, mining, tunneling, civil infrastructure, concrete work, and metal production industries.   With a huge variety of work tools, this is the device for remote, quiet, low impact, precision work in tight or hazardous spaces where traditional excavators cannot be used.  Quality built with high-end components the RDC machines are poised to make a positive impact on your most challenging jobs.

  • Robust and reliable remote controlled tool carrier
  • Cutting edge CAN technology communication system
  • Suitable to work safely in space restricted or dangerous environments
  • State of the art hydraulic power system
  • Well designed remote control device with easy-to-use interface and working ergonomics
  •  Excellent for:
    • Demolition
    • Tunneling
    • Construction
    • Mining
    • Scaling
    • Industrial (foundries, nuclear, concrete)
  • Attachments available:
    • Breaker
    • Crusher
    • RockWheel
    • Auger
    • Bucket
    • Clam


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