ITC Mucking Machines

ITC Mucking/Tunnel Loading Machines are designed specifically to remove blasted material quickly and effectively. Reliable, proven machines that will increase your heading rate and keep you moving.

ITC 120 (23 ton) smaller, flexible mucking machine with 6.25′ (1900mm) wide profile, mucking bucket (or TC-B cutter head). F4 boom is tilt only.

ITC Mucking Machines

Click Here for  120-F4 Spec Sheet

ITC 312 (32 ton) smaller, flexible roadheaders with 8′ (2450mm) wide profile, mucking bucket (or TC-C cutter head). Conveyor system delivers 300m3/hr (3-5m3/min). H3 boom is tilt only.


Click Here for 312-H3 Spec Sheet

ITC 312-SL Super Loader (40 ton) 9′ (2700mm) wide profile, Ultra high-speed conveyor system delivering 600m3/hr (4-10m3/min).


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