ITC Heading Machines

ITC Tunnel Heading Machines are designed for heading into softer ground. Tilt and swivel booms, coupled with a large breakout force bucket and optional cutter head attachment make these machines extremely versatile.

ITC 120 F3 (22 ton) smaller, flexible tunnel heading machine with 6.25′(1900mm) width profile, excavation bucket or TC-B cutter head.


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ITC 312 H1 (35 ton) 8′(2450mm) width profile, excavation bucket or TC-C cutter head, 300m3/hr conveyor. H1 boom is tilt & swivel with large breakout force.


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ITC 312-N1¬† (37 ton) 9′(2700mm) width profile, excavation bucket or TC-D cutter head, 300m3/hr conveyor. Boom is tilt & swivel with extended reach for larger tunnel profile.


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