Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc., long recognized as one of the leaders in earth moving and material handling equipment manufacturing has expanded their offerings in the North American market.

The company announced this past week that it will be rolling out a line of attachments to accompany their supply of excavators.

The new series of attachments boasts 15 models and marks the first time Hyundai has offered these products in North America.

To mark their entry in the new market, Hyundai announced a new HDB hydraulic breaker series.

With 15 different models and a variety of features, the breakers offer a significant amount of versatility and can be useful in a wide range of applications.

The attachments have a powerful capacity, operating with a chisel diameter ranging from 1.6 to 7.9 inches. Other specs from the breakers include operating weight ranges from 271 to 21,401lbs and lengths range from 44.4 to 159.8 inches.

The HDB series breakers also come equipped with innovative technology to improve productivity. Some key features include an Anti Blank Firing (ABF) system designed to stop the breaker to continue breaking material after it has been crushed. Another feature that gives operators improved control in the field is a Two Stroke Selector system that comes standard on most of the models.

The Two Stroke Selector System gives operators the ability to decide whether they want long strokes or short strokes depending on the circumstances.

While Hyundai expands their offerings to attachments, Volvo Construction Equipment announced recently a launch of crawler excavators that put an emphasis on fuel efficiency.

The two crawler excavators are the Tier 4 Final EC250E and the EC300E.

These two excavators come outfitted with a full set of technologically advanced features.

These features enhance efficiency and give manual control the flow to hydraulics by implementing an integrated work mode system. By giving operators the ability to vary their approach based on the conditions of the current job they can work more productively.

One of the excavator’s best design features is that they reduce fuel consumption without compromising performance.

Volvo has designed an ECO mode for their excavators. This mode allows operators to set idle controls that will automatically reduce engine speed if the machine is idle for too long and shut down completely if the machine remains inactive for 5 minutes.

Several other features make these excavators fuel efficient options that several companies could find appealing.

These new products come at a time when construction projects are on the rise and demand is growing. Continuing to invest in innovative solutions will help deal with the increasing number of projects in the best way possible.

July was a big month for new excavation product offerings in the North American market. As companies continue to develop creative solutions to problems in the industry, expect more to come.