How Efficient Are Your Excavation Projects?

Posted by: Ryan Leech
Feb 13, 2014 5:33:45 PM

how-efficient-are-your-excavation-projectsWhen it comes to winning bids for excavation projects, one of the biggest factors companies take into account is price.

In such a price sensitive market it is imperative that your operation is able to run at full capacity without the delays and breakdowns that run your project off schedule and drive up the cost of the project.

Unfortunately, many companies fail to implement the necessary programs and policies necessary to ensure that their company is consistently operating at full speed. The results are long projects that don’t meet deadlines and missed opportunities because their bids don’t measure up to the competition.

This post is designed to help you assess your company’s efficiency on excavation projects and introduce some problems that could be potential areas of improvement.

Safety Education

The biggest setback a company can face is an injury on the worksite. There are inherent dangers that accompany excavation projects and no project is without risks, but there are hundreds of incidents every year that could be avoided with better safety education.

Ensuring that each employee is fully prepared for the safety hazards they encounter before a job is one of the best investments a company can make. Placing a high priority on safety education will help improve your efficiency on the job and protect your most valuable assets, your employees.

Better Equipment

Your employees can have a perfect understanding of the project and a great plan, but if you’re operating with lower-level equipment you will constantly struggle to perform work at the most efficient level you can.

Many projects suffer because they are using inadequate or less than efficient equipment for the task at hand. Keep an eye on the industry and always be looking to find the better solutions to your excavation problems. Many companies miss out on opportunities to improve their worksite efficiency by sticking to the status quo. Don’t be afraid to step out into new territory and try a product with good reviews.

If buying new equipment isn’t a financial reality, renting on a per-job basis can be an affordable alternative.

Attention to Maintenance

This goes along with the previous point about investing in better equipment. With the brutal conditions excavation equipment is subjected to, it is important to take the time daily to perform routine maintenance and ensure that your investments are well protected.

Whether the equipment loses some of its productivity or breaks down altogether, loss of efficiency due to neglect is completely avoidable.

A little time every day can go a long way to increasing your efficiency.   

If you’ve been struggling with efficiency on your recent excavation projects, evaluate these three areas and see if there are opportunities for improvement.