cutter-head-trenchingEach construction project provides a unique set of circumstances and challenges that calls for creative solutions to meet your goals and deliver on your objectives. The most successful projects are the ones that strike the delicate balance of finding solutions that lower cost without making concessions on quality. For excavation projects that confront you with the toughest rock and concrete structures, rock grinders can be a useful tool to help reduce your cost while increasing efficiency.

Rock grinders, which can also be referred to as cutter heads, are a precise and efficient way to grind and crush rock. They attach cleanly onto the end of existing excavators and operate by employing the hydraulic lines of the machine to which it is attached.

When configured correctly, the cutter head makes quick work of grinding and crushing rock. Rock grinders offer incredible precision. Designed to make powerful even cuts, rock grinders are also capable of cutting with a high degree of accuracy. This gives you greater control over your operation and allows you to cut until your exact specifications are met.

Rock grinders are the ultimate precision tool to allow you to work within precise dimensions without collateral destruction.

A great example of this is the TC-D cutter head with a cutting force of nearly 18,000 foot pounds. In one case it was employed for a water line trenching job in soft rock of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The cutter head replaced a hoe-ram attachment that was simply poking holes in the rock, and wasn’t making good progress. The TC-D exhibited excellent trenching efficiency and cut vertically into the desired width. 

In addition to effectively cutting rock and concrete, rock grinders are also efficient when it comes to cleaning up the debris. When using a rock grinder, rock rarely needs to be hauled off site to be crushed further. The grinder produces a much more consistent waste product than traditional methods like hydraulic hammers. Rock grinders are also exceptionally precise, meaning that one only grinds as much rock as he or she needs. The condensed waste translates directly into saving you both time and money.Rockwheel_foundationexcavation

The efficiency provided by rock grinders does not come at the price of power. Each individual rock grinder is composed of tough carbide teeth that are fitted on rotary drums. This fitting makes them extremely durable.

Rock grinders are exceptionally resistant to wearing out. Unlike some other applications, rock grinders can be counted on for more than one project before needing to be replaced. Being able to use a rock grinder for multiple projects that involve a variety of surfaces makes rock grinders a valuable investment. Alpine rock grinders provide an unparalleled combination of efficiency and durability.

If you are searching for a versatile tool that can increase the efficiency of rock or concrete removal in sensitive areas, then an Alpine rock grinder could be just what you need. Alpine offers a full line of rock grinders that are sure to be suited to your unique situation.

Grinders can be selected on the basis of size and horsepower to ensure that you receive the best option available.

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