Cutterheads can have varying rates of production depending on the hardness of rock you are dealing with, but are especially efficient in soft to medium rock.utterheads are a useful product that can produce a significant impact on a variety of applications within the mining sector including rock mining, quarrying, scaling, shaft sinking, trenching, tunneling and many more. These tough tools are designed to handle a wide variety of rock and concrete making them a great solution in just about any situation.

In these situations the cutterheads make quick work of the material, providing more precision and control while also improving the process of removing the excavated material.

The benefits a cutterhead can provide make it an appealing option to any company that does excavating or tunneling work regularly.

With the appeal cutterheads generate also come a lot of questions about how cutterheads work and what the best ways to use them are.

One question we receive frequently about cutterheads is, what direction does the cutterhead spin?

The cutterhead can be operated in both directions, depending on the application.

Which direction is better?

The majority of the time, the standard practice is to run the cutterhead spinning away from the operator. In the industry, 95% of projects will have the cutterhead spinning away from the operator, sending cut material down and away from the excavator.

This limits the amount of debris being directed towards the excavator and the operator.

By having the cutterhead spin away from the operator, the equipment also endures less wear-and-tear which will improve the life of the equipment and decrease the amount of maintenance and up-keep necessary to keep the project moving forward.

By preventing unnecessary stoppages you can keep your project’s expenses from rising over budget and finish the job to your customer’s highest level of satisfaction.

Cutterheads provide a superior level of reliability compared to hydraulic hammers and other methods of excavation.

With the right cutterhead your next project could be the most efficient and productive project you’ve ever completed.

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