Darholding and Pataki-Cahill Group announced in a press release this week their decision to sign an agreement to jointly develop and commercialize the proprietary environmental remediation technology developed and patented by Darholding.

By signing the agreement, the Darholding group of companies is drawing on the Pataki-Cahill Group’s connections and consulting advice to establish US subsidiaries and strategic business partnerships.

This will help get the products to market faster, assist in scaling up technology to commercially viable systems, and improve the process of securing field validation.

Both sides envision this partnership as a vehicle to provide necessary solutions to a critical industry.

The proprietary technology is a product of the Innovation Technology Laboratories division of Darholding in conjunction with its sister companies, ThalesNano and ComInnex.

ThalesNano is a chemistry-based company that strives to make dangerous and difficult chemistry safer to perform. Founded in 2002, the company is highly regarded for its expertise in transforming chemical processes to micro-scale continuous-flow operations and developing manual or robotic continuous micro-reactors for the chemical industry.

ComInnex is a chemistry and medicinal chemistry organization that focuses on the development of chemical technologies. Their current technology platform focuses on the development and utilizations of instruments capable of carrying out well-controlled reactions at extremely high temperature under second or millisecond contact time.

ComInnex is also a leading new molecule developer for drug discovery.

Using their expertise, they have created a technology with the potential to remediate some of the harshest contaminants, including PCBs. The solution can also be used to treat similar toxic materials from soil and river sediments and can even be used in fracking water treatment.

The effectiveness of their innovation and the potential impact on soil remediation is an exciting prospect for the Potaki-Cahill Group. In a statement made in the press release, co-founder and principal of the group former New York State Governor George E. Pataki said,

“The Darholding group of companies has a long history of global success in developing novel disruptive technologies and transforming them to commercial application. We look forward to expediting the development of this technology as well as demonstrating its ability to clean difficult to remediate sites. We believe that our combined efforts can really make a difference in this field.”

President and Chairman of Darholding, Dr. Ferenc Darvas, echoed that enthusiasm by touting the Pataki-Cahill group’s long history of expediting other emerging environmental technologies.

“The Pataki-Cahill group has successfully commercialized technologies in other breakthrough areas such as waste water treatment. We believe that the green track record of the Group is a great assurance that we can succeed in developing breakthrough results in the next few years in this field.”

By working to each other’s strengths, these two groups are working to bring soil remediation solutions to the market at a key time.