Cutterheads are incredibly versatile and are well suited for several different applications.

Designed to handle a wide variety of projects, cutterheads can be used to excavate soil, rock, asphalt, and concrete. They can also cut virtually any kind of rock. Despite the ability to cut any type of rock, there are some situations where a cutterhead is impractical.

Production rates are lowest for projects that are dealing with igneous rock and highest for shales.

Here is a quick overview of three applications where cutterheads are a viable solution.


Cutterheads are great for trenching projects.

Consistent dimensions enable cutterheads to perform at an optimized speed matched with an ideal cutting size.

This optimization leads to a superior performance that creates smooth, vertical trenches every time. The consistency and precision of a cutterhead will provide you with improved control and better results in all of your trenching projects.

Cutterheads also enhance your ability to form flat bottomed trenches and improve your ability to control grade. Different units are available depending on your desired width, ensuring that you will be able to find the right cutterhead for the job.

Learning more about the best uses and applications of cutterheads can help you decide which option would work best for your situation.  


Cutterheads deliver several capabilities that make them an ideal tool for excavating projects.

They are designed with a powerful low-speed, high torque cut that creates smooth verticals walls.

The smooth precision cuts provide a more stable foundation that is not prone to overbreaking issues.

An additional benefit is that the material excavated on-site is ground down into reusable backfill that eliminates the need for off-site transportation and processing.

These benefits make cutterheads the ideal tool for excavating projects and can provide your company with advantages over competing excavating equipment.  


3-advantages-tunneling-with-cutterheadCutterheads have a very successful history of quality completed tunnel expansions as well as new tunnel construction.

No matter what your tunneling needs call for, there is a cutterhead that will get the job done.

With a wide range of rotary cutterhead sizes, you will be sure to find a cutterhead you can outfit your equipment with. Whether your projects call for skid steer loaders, Brokks, mini excavators, backhoes, or even large excavators, there is an attachment for the job.

Suitable for any environment, a cutterhead attachment is the perfect solution for your tunneling needs.

If your company works regularly in these three areas, cutterhead attachments would be a great investment. With the right cutterhead you will see vast improvement in both your productivity and your efficiency.

With a versatile skillset and the ability to handle just about any surface, the cutterhead is the one tool designed to help you get the job done right.