cat-demonstrates-mini-excavator-versatility-with-latest-viral-videoAs construction companies face the reality of an aging workforce and the difficulty of finding young skilled workers, they also face the task of changing the public perception of the industry.

The German Engineering Foundation, VDMA, is a good example of taking a proactive approach to adjusting perception at the Bauma 2013 conference in Munich with their Think Big campaign.

The focus was less on directly recruiting young people into vocational fields, and more about showing them how the industry has developed and the advanced technology that has changed the landscape of the day-to-day construction career.

Another company that is doing a great job of demonstrating usefulness and creativity is Caterpillar.

Caterpillar made waves last month when they released a video that went viral of five of their machines playing the world’s largest game of Jenga.

They were at it again recently, releasing this clip of an operator expertly maneuvering a 301.7 CR mini excavator around a China shop that Caterpillar created special for the video.

Equipment world called the video one of the most impressive displays of operator skill they’ve seen.

The video lasts less than two minutes and shows Ryan Neal, a senior demonstrator instructor at Cat, carefully using the bucket of the machine to transfer a glass onto the top of a pyramid champagne of glasses.  
This type of video is a great way to demonstrate both the unique experience of operating this type of equipment and also the extreme functionality that the equipment can provide their customers.

While it is doubtful that many construction companies will be erecting champagne pyramids, excavation projects or trenching around utilities in urban areas are both situations where precision and control are premium qualities. 

In addition to demonstrating the valuable qualities of the machine, the video also conveys the many advantages there are to devoting sufficient time to train your workers on these advanced machines so they have the ability to operate them as efficiently as possible.

Investing in your employees training will make advanced machinery even more beneficial to your company and you will run more efficiently than ever.

If you are about to start a job that requires precision and control, a mini excavator could be a great piece of equipment. If your next project involves trenching, tunneling, or excavating our wide selection of cutterhead attachments could provide you with even more control over your operation.

The more control you have, the more confident you can be in the results you expect to produce.