Soil Mixer Equipment finds place in Oil & Gas Industry

Alpine soil mixer equipment finds place in Oil & Gas Industry

In recent months, Alpine’s soil mixer equipment has been successfully launched at several project sites around the U.S. for the Oil and Gas industry. Utilizing Alpine’s transverse and axial mixers, several drill cuttings/sludge remediation and stabilization projects* have begun using equipment for mechanical mixing of bioremediation agents and stabilization amendments such as lime.

Remediation specialists in the Gas industry have increased project efficiency six-fold with mechanical mixing of microbes and surfactants used to reduce the hydrocarbon content to levels permissible by state and federal environmental regulations. Alpine’s powerful mixers provide homogeneous incorporation of dry and liquid amendments which is essential to successful remediation and stabilization.

We are committed to providing the most effective and reliable soil stabilization and remediation equipment on the market and we are proud to support environmental remediation projects across the United States and World.

*Names cannot be disclosed due to competitive nature of the industry