Concrete Grinders Excel in Sensitive Concrete Scaling Project, New York

Concrete Grinders Excel in Sensitve Concrete Scaling Project, New York

Alpine’s TC-D (147 hp / 110kW) hydraulic rock grinder for concrete scaling was used to precisely remove aged concrete on a highly sensitive spillway prior to resurfacing on the Black River in upstate NY. The project required precise removal of concrete from atop the spillway, but within a sensitive location. The Alpine cutter head was a logical choice for both low-impact scaling and precision grinding. Look here for more information on rock cutter attachment applications.
The grinder attachment was installed on a Hyundai R290LC-9 excavator.
Alpine hydraulic rock and concrete grinders are the tool of choice for removal of rock or concrete on sensitive areas where precision and minimal impact is a requirement. Compared to hydraulic hammers or drill-and-blast Alpine rock and concrete grinders have lower noise, lower vibration, higher precision, minimal disturbance to the adjacent rock or concrete mass, and virtually no overbreak.