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ConExpo 2017

Come See Us at ConExpo 2017 North Hall – N10367

Oct 18, 2016
ConExpo 2017:  Alpine will have our full line of products on display at ConExpo 2017 in Las Vegas, NV USA March 7-11.   Be sure to stop by North Hall – N10367 to see what is new.  Call us in advance...
Hartl Crusher Bucket

Alpine Announces Partnership with Hartl Crusher Buckets

Oct 18, 2016
Alpine is excited to announce the addition of the Hartl Crusher Buckets line of crushing and screening attachments.  As an exclusive regional distributor Alpine will work directly with end users as well as cooperate with dealers.  Both rental and purchase...
G45 Rock Cutter Drawing 2

G45 Rock Cutter Video

Oct 18, 2016
Go to our blog post to see how G45 Rock Cutter and other Rockwheels are being utilized in the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in New York.  This challenging job required rapid and precise, low disturbance rock excavating.  ...
Arva Scalers logo

Arva Scalers Partnership

Oct 18, 2016
OEM partner Arva Scalers uses Alpine Rockwheels on their impressive line of mine scalers.  Their innovative MC350 mine scaler was recently on display at the MinExpo in Las Vegas, NV.  See here for more information.
D15 RockWheel dealers Graphic


Oct 18, 2016
Rockwheel is growing rapidly as the market increasingly recognizes the capabilities and benefits of rock and concrete grinding attachments. Rockwheel Dealers opportunities exist for many regions of North America.  We will work closely with you on sales, marketing, and technical...
Penn State Soil Mixing Research Project Continues

Penn State Soil Mixing Research Project Continues

May 22, 2014
Alpine’s partnership with researchers at the Pennsylvania State University continues into 2014 as we continue to improve our soil mixer designs. Using numerical modeling and particle tracing we’re simulating the complex interaction between fluid-solid mixtures and mixing tools in order...
Apline rock tools

Rock Tools Partnership

Jul 23, 2012
Alpine is proud to announce a partnership with Rock Tools LLC, a Colorado-based manufacturer of excavator-mounted rock saw attachments. Offered with either diamond or carbide blades, these tools are used in demolition, construction, quarry, and mining projects worldwide. With the...
Custom rockcutter extension booms

Custom Extension booms

Jan 29, 2013
In addition to providing industry-leading rock & concrete cuttingattachments and soil mixing equipment, Alpine offers customized extension booms to accommodate tough applications such as underwater cutting, deep mixing or extra-deep trenches. We have designed and built a variety of extension...
Concrete Grinders Excel in Sensitve Concrete Scaling Project, New York

Concrete Grinders Excel in Sensitive Concrete Scaling Project, New York

Oct 08, 2012
Alpine’s TC-D (147 hp / 110kW) hydraulic rock grinder for concrete scaling was used to precisely remove aged concrete on a highly sensitive spillway prior to resurfacing on the Black River in upstate NY. The project required precise removal of...
Alpine soil mixer equipment finds place in Oil & Gas Industry

Soil Mixer Equipment finds place in Oil & Gas Industry

Jul 23, 2013
In recent months, Alpine’s soil mixer equipment has been successfully launched at several project sites around the U.S. for the Oil and Gas industry. Utilizing Alpine’s transverse and axial mixers, several drill cuttings/sludge remediation and stabilization projects* have begun using...
Alpine Roadheader for Russian Olypics

Alpine receives Ben Franklin innovation grant

Feb 09, 2012
Alpine has won an Innovation Adoption Grant from Ben Franklin Technology Partners to collaborate with researchers at Penn State University on design optimization and site-specific selection of hydraulic soil mixing equipment.  The 12-month project win consist of development of a...
Alpine sends Roadheaders to Russia for Olympic Preparation

Alpine sends Roadheaders to Russia for Olympic Preparation

Feb 01, 2012
Hosting the Olympic Games is a sure way to garner international attention for the host nation. Much like the elaborate preparations for both infrastructure and venues in Beijing in 2008, Russia has big plans to demonstrate to the world that...