3-reasons-a-cutterhead-cuts-a-tetter-trench-than-a-hammerIf you have never completed a trenching project with the use of a cutterhead, you might be interested in knowing that you have been missing out.

Cutterheads have a wide range of ability that makes them incredibly proficient tools for trenching. Cutterheads are wonderful attachments that create smooth walls for a premium trench.

When compared side by side with hydraulic hammers, cutter heads have a superior versatility and precision that makes them a premium solution for any trenching project.

Here are three specific reasons cutterheads provide a better cut than your typical hydraulic hammer can.  

Less Noise

This may seem like a minor advantage, but cutterheads operate at a much quieter level than hammers do. The lower noise levels of cutterheads improve functionality in sensitive areas and in urban settings. This results in more flexibility for your operation and allows you to be less disruptive.  

Less Vibration

A second reason cutterheads have more to offer operationally than hydraulic hammers is their ability to cut with less vibrations. The lower level of vibration and shock waves improves trench wall stability. The improved stability leads to smooth safe walls while simultaneously creating a narrower trench. Narrower trenches allow you to leave a smaller footprint.


The higher level of quality and efficiency cutterheads provide in a trenching operation is preferable to the rough “V-shaped” walls that hammers require. Selecting a cutterhead over a hammer, your operator will have a stronger sense of control over his equipment and there will be a significant improvement in wall quality.

Better Gravel Creation

The third reason that cutterheads provide an advantage over hammers on trenching pojects is in the quality of gravel they produce. In addition to greatly minimizing over-breaking in the first place, the cut rock debris cutterheads typically create are -2 size gravel.

-2 size gravel can easily be used as backfill and directly applied on-location at the work site.

Being able to convert debris directly back into backfill will substantially reduce costs for your operation by eliminating unnecessary transportation.

Reducing your overall cost of projects will take your trenching operations to new levels of efficiency and pay great dividends for your company.

These are only three reasons that demonstrate the ability of cutterheads to equip your employees with the opportunity to perform at a higher level of effectiveness. If this level of quality is something that could benefit your company, you should consider using a cutterhead during your next project and see these results firsthand.  

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