Soil Mixing Equipment

Alpine Soil Mixing Equipment

Soil remediation and construction projects that require soil solidification or stabilization are best accomplished with soil mixing equipment that you can count on. Alpine distributes a full line of excavator-based attachments to help you get the job done efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Alpine’s soil mixing equipment is designed to attach to your standard excavator, skid steer loader or backhoe, eliminating the need to purchase special equipment. This modularity also allows you complete the soil mixing task onsite, in situ. This offers tremendous cost savings, as hauling soil and treating it offsite can be prohibitively expensive, especially if the soil treatment is part of an environmental cleanup job.

Transverse twin-drum soil mixers can be used with virtually any size of carrier. They fit both compact mini-excavators and large excavators weighing more than 75 tons. Alpine offers transverse soil mixing equipment with a variety of custom configurations to fit your specific job. Whether you are mixing liquid sludge or compact soil, Alpine’s transverse mixers have you covered. These mixers can be customized with depth limiters, extension brackets, various blade configurations, or a quick-hitch bucket. In addition, like all Alpine soil mixers, the transverse mixers can be fitted with injection piping to add wet or dry additives to the sludge or soil.

Alpine’s axial soil mixers are designed with modularity in mind, so you can select a drum configuration, size and power that meets the demands of your project. In addition to the optional injection piping, the axial mixers also have options for different paddle lengths, paddle angles, and optional auger head for hard ground penetration.

Our equipment is currently being used across the U.S. for solidifying drilling muds and sludge, a common application. Both the axial and transverse mixers have greatly improved efficiency in these operations, saving time and money throughout the process. This is only one of an array of project types in which Alpine Soil mixers and remediation equipment are successfully applied.

Whatever your project needs may be, Alpine has the right tools for the job. If you need assistance with selecting the right equipment, or if you need custom options for your project, call us. One of our knowledgeable representatives will help you choose the equipment and options you need.