Soil Stabilization Equipment

Alpine Soil Stabilization Equipment

Whether you are making the ground under a construction project stable to support the structure you are building, or whether you are completing a soil remediation project, you need Soil Stabilization Equipment that is powerful and durable enough to get the job done. Alpine offers a full line of soil stabilization equipment that is specifically designed to handle the toughest tasks.

Alpine’s soil mixing equipment includes transverse mixers that can fit any size carrier. The transverse mixers feature tough gearboxes adapted from mining industry technology that can handle the most difficult tasks. Select the drum configuration that meets your needs, from mixing compact soil to wet sludge. These mixers can be fitted with custom options, such as extension brackets for long reach or injection piping for mixing wet or dry additives.

The next piece of machinery in Alpine’s soil stabilization equipment line is the axial mixer. Alpine’s AX series of axial mixers are designed to be modular so you can choose the configuration that meets your needs. Choose the drum configuration and hydraulic motor size that fits the specifications of your project. Purchase the axial mixer as-is, or select from a variety of custom option such as injection piping, a custom paddle length, a custom paddle angle, or an auger head for penetrating hard ground.

Large scale soil mixing or remediation projects require a double-header mixer. Alpine’s double header mixer is designed to blend sludge, slurry, or dredged soil. The twin drums have a high-torque motor with the horsepower to carry out the toughest soil mixing task.

In addition to these lines of machines, Alpine also offers Allu pressure feeders and mixers. Purchase the unit of an Allu feeder, mixer, and controller, or purchase the components separately. This line of soil stabilization equipment is versatile so you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Beyond equipment for soil stabilization, Alpine also sells equipment for rock and concrete grinding for scaling, tunneling, or trenching. We offer road header equipment, an array of cutting tools, cutter buckets, ITC tunneling and mucking machines, and much more. If you need help selecting the right equipment for your project, call an expert at Alpine. We will be glad to consult with you and help you choose the right machines to get the job done.