Soil Remediation

alpine soil remediation

Soil remediation is the process of cleansing or replacing contaminated soil at a site. Soil remediation is often one component of environmental remediation, which is the process of cleaning up a contaminated site to make it safe for industrial or residential development.

The methods used to cleanse the soil in a contaminated area depend on the contaminants in the soil as well as the regulations for the area. For example, the contaminants in the soil have to be reduced to a specific number of parts per million, or lower, in order to meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency standards for residential use.

Alpine designs, manufactures, and distributes equipment to meet all of your soil remediation needs. The nature of some contaminants, such as the volatility and the ease of remediation, necessitates a certain method for remediation. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, typically respond well to soil mixing. These contaminants often break down to very fine particles that make their eradication by traditional methods difficult. Mixing allows a reagent to become integrated with the contaminated soil. When the soil is mixed with a reagent, the reagent can neutralize or eliminate these contaminants, as well as other contaminants that are difficult to remove by traditional means. We manufacture soil mixing equipment to treat soil that is contaminated with VOCs, such as benzene, which is used in the manufacturing of some plastics.

Alpine’s equipment is specialized for ‘in situ’ remediation. By mixing and amending soils in situ, contractors will reduce project costs by eliminating material transfer logistics and expenses. Alpine soil mixing equipment can mix, stabilize or solidify materials on site with innovative technology for both mixing and additive amendment.

Whatever your environmental remediation needs may be, we will work closely with you to create a solution. ALPINE has over 40 years of experience with excavation, mixing, tunneling, and various other applications. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff can help answer any questions that you may have about your project, as well as about your equipment options for solving the problem.